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Artik is a digital platform offering emerging artists and designers the opportunity to share and receive constructive feedback on their work. 


As two young artists working in different fields, we understood early on that the best way to improve our work was through critical discussions with fellow artists. After graduating from university, our regular in-classroom discussions came to an end, and with that our main source of feedback. Artik was founded on the principle of collaboration, by bringing the in-classroom critique experience to you, wherever you may be.

Inspired by conversations with artists, gallerists, and curators, we created a clear and simple program. Through this collaborative approach, artists working in all fields have access to comprehensive evaluations of their work, allowing them to further develop their creative practice.

Our aim is to support growth and creativity. Whether it’s getting feedback on an idea or a more formal critique of your craft, Artik’s tailored approach will benefit each creative, giving you the tools and space to grow in the direction that best suits you.

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